5%… as far as the eye can see

Horizon Allenheads

I smell the coffee as it pours into my cup checking the milk in case it is sour; I add sugar and make it sweet. I am responding to the wakening chapter and appropriately relate to my new day condition, I reach for the door latch and step outside.

Looking around I embrace the day’s weather, hear the birds sing, the young lamb’s bleat and a car engine revs as it passes through our village.

Assisted by gravity I walk down the hill and make good progress into the wind and while contemplating the ordinariness of a morning’s activity I pause to consider the stuff that I am not seeing, feeling, or sensing.

We are apparently only able to find, see and understand 5% of the stuff that surrounds us; the rest is made up of 27% Dark Matter and 68% Dark Energy. Both are invisible to us and while having a pretty good idea of what might make up Dark Matter, Dark Energy remains mysterious.

I carry on walking to the hill tops and study the landscape that surrounds me; I observe its moods, temperature, altitude, colours, textures and smells.

Am I really not seeing 95% of what I am looking at? If this is true should it concern me and does this illusory idea alter how I perceive and engage with an otherwise tangible visualization?

We haven’t yet found the means to see the unseen 95% but this doesn’t mean it is invisible; it is simply beyond our current limit of observational capabilities.

Can imagination and creativity help us make sense of the inexplicable or is it faith that will help us believe and if so how can that sit comfortably with scientific thinking.

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