Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez

95%… project suits interestingly with my professional and artistic interests and practice. I find it very adequate due to its interdisciplinary and experimental approach that I also seek in order to open up new dialogues and new ways of understanding experience and knowledge/meaning generation. It connects directly with the sort of approach I will get into in the Art & Science Masters programme from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where I will do my second academic year from next October in exchange and elaborate my thesis working in team with partners from diverse disciplines as Physics, Biology, Philosophy, Art, Zoology, Mathematics, etc.

My artwork puts together the experimental attitude both in the theoretical and aesthetical field. My background as a Psychologist and years of practices as such in Mexico (participating in qualitative social research and giving private psychotherapy) influence much of my work, both its content and methods. My early interests in art were about the historical evolution of social structures and its metadiscourses – the philosophical and ideological basis- and their repercussions in contemporary life drawing upon Psychology, Anthropology, Semiotics and Epistemology. That has been clearly explored in my early works Energy, Displacement and Landscapes. In these projects I worked with photography, sound and text from a non-linear perspective and with a specific conceptual focus on the construction of narrative and its semiotics on image production. I have recently used video and, together with my background as a musician, music/sound art to explore the experience of migration, both in between places and states of mind.

Thanks to my first year in the Masters programme in Visual Culture at Aalto University Pori Unit -that is part of MigAA network- my interests are now also in relation to the concepts of experience and states of mind, meaning and knowledge-making, tacit or embodied knowledge, body-place and language. In my present project I explore the notion of “trust” as a basis for bodily experience and meaning generation, concepts that I find strongly related to the 95%…, its notion of “faith” and its inquiry about the methods and systems used to engage with our surroundings.

This is why I see 95%…, as a fertile field for a multidisciplinary dialogue, as both a strongly adequate project for my current practice that will help me to develop my methods and theoretical frame and a frame I can participate and contribute to it from a rather Psycho-sociological view (not to mention the Latin American background).

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