Marija Jociūtė

I am finishing my studies at Vilnius Art Academy (interdisciplinary arts) and the theme I am intrested in is very related to these themes in workshops. In my work I investigate the structures that humans are consiously or unconsiously lead by in their everyday lifes. I explicate the phenomenon of horizon in my work, explore it’s versatile structures. I am thinking about horizon, that is and isn not, that is here and there and nowhere at the same time, that is totally dependent on me, of the position of my body and thought. I use horizon as a method to adress the relations between subject and space, subject and the other, subject and the unknown. The horizon functions as a boundary of representation and perception. It draws my limits of sight and that which is invisible. I develop this theme through concepts of line, frame, gape, gaze; these notions supplement each other and unfolds schemes and processes of the horizon phenomenon – a constant drawing of the line / border and the possibility / impossibility of crossing it.

While investigating I was inspired with a concept called Event Horizon – Scientific term, describing a boundary in space-time continuum surrounding black hole. „The point of no return“. I like how qualities of scientific descriptions echoes also here, in our everyday life. And so I use it in my research and work.

I find scientific theories very inspiring, so I was thrilled and excited when I read description of the laboratory, because it correspondes all the things I am currently intrested in. (My master theme is called: The Horizon Phenomenon in structures of sight and thought, and my practical work is called “Event Horizon”)

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