Ruth Le Gear

As an artist I am strongly attracted by methodologies of investigation of non physical phenomena, particularly water memory. I am interested in things that cannot be seen, the unquantifiable or the immeasurable. The essence of beings or substances we cannot see but know to be there. This relates to the notion of feeling and intuition as a form of knowing. I explore scientific methodologies as well as the more intuitive process of understanding these phenomena. These methodologies are polar opposites but I feel that crucial connections are involved in perception and a unified experience is created from differences.

One of the methodologies I use a processes termed potentisation or trituration homeopathy. The word potentised can be a general term used in various contexts with energetic or vibrational medicine. It refers to a number of methods that release the potential of a substance from its physical matrix so it can operate in an energetic field. Hahnemann, who is now credited with creating homeopathy, refers to two different kinds of knowledge: Wissen and Kenntniss. Wissen is the kind of knowledge you get from studying or reading books, while Kenntniss is that deep personal knowledge you gain through experience. This is the difference between knowing about wetness by reading about it versus knowing wetness by immersing yourself in water. I adopt a practice-based epistemology regarding tacit and explicit knowledge as intimately inter-linked and inseparable. 

I realise my work through moving image, still image and installation. My practice has been described as enchantingly intangible, it has led to me grow crytsals from tears, make remedies from icebergs in the arctic, attempt to capture starlight and trace the memories of fairy circles and megalithic sites. I feel I would have a lot to contribute to the discussions and well as developing my practice further and connecting with like minded people through this workshop.

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