Sally Annett

I am currently working on a piece of ‘R and D’ funded by the Arts Council England, which looks at the contemporary roles of Artists Scientists and Priests. Below: the press release for the work which will be presented at Milton Keynes Gallery 18 July 2013. The wider project concentrates initially on language as key to all disciplines and being super specific, but what has emerged is the potential links between Science and Religion through the ‘Land’ and Humanities ‘covenant’ with it, as well as issues around gender and consciousness…and of course patronage and funding. The arts [I include here Media] are both master and the servant of both science and religion. I am conversely very interested in the aesthetic processes of science as well as the ‘lightness’ and emotionality that art can bring into the often sombre and serious ‘coal-face’ issues such as health, poverty and climate change as well as those surrounding gender and consciousness, which science and religion tackle daily.
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