Samantha Clark

Because I’ve been thinking, writing and making art about nothingness, gaps, absences and the ‘in-between’ for several years, and would love to spend time thinking, talking and making work about nothing with others who share my fascination. In 2011 I finished an MA in environmental philosophy, and my thesis ‘Nothing Really Matters’ was on nothingness in Sartre and Levinas and how it might inform ecological thought.

I’m now working on a book about ‘The Subtle Ether’, in which the now outdated concept of the ‘lumeniferous ether’ of enlightenment science is used as a metaphorical hook on which to hang a related set of ideas about the nothingness between and within things. This will take the form of a collection of thematically linked lyric essays. One of these will, I hope, be about ‘dark’ ecology, darkness, and the spaces between the stars. This is part of a PhD in Creative Writing I am undertaking at the University of St. Andrews, with the poet and novelist John Burnside supervising.

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