Saulius Leonavičius

If it’s a word, you can erase it.

Artūras Raila made final part of “The Power ot the Earth” while staying in Allenheads in 2007. He mapped grid of energy streams of surrounding area, arranged performance of Baltic rituals and games. I would like to work in the field that this work creates, using material it supplies and question rises, as well as maintaining connection with it as the reference point. In the field that “The Power of the Earth” opens, I would think how its possible to reach borderline of 5% of perceivable reality. I think about language at moment when it losses its gravitation power so can be transcended as if moving outside of it while bearing in mind that such escape impossible. Referring to the theme of upcoming laboratory I would suggest that these 95% that are missing from our perception exist only when defined as such. If so, one of the answers how to access invisible part of life stream, would be to move outside the language. Artūras work creates very rich structure by rearranging cultural text and contexts. I would suggest to think about his work as manifesting New Age approach, where ethnography and sciences merges. I would try to work in similar spirit, addressing current contexts and questions what are relevant when thinking about Ethno knowledge, Gaia mind, animism, New Age thought, expanded consciousness and observation how language disperse in phenomenological encounter with Earths Power. During the gathering in Allenheads I would like to arrange presentation of tradition of Ayahuasca culture and its practical usage. It would be open for participants as well as whole community of Allenheads.

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