Taavi Suisalu

I’ve been working with sound, mostly hunting and gathering (fieldwork), which makes one concentrate on specific elements of their perceptive capabilities and therefor allows oneself to experience aspects of their surroundings which would otherwise left unnoticed. Therefore, the question is not only about the qualities of the things themselves, but also about the level of concentration we apply to our sensibilities.

Even if we had access to 95% of the things which are out of our reach now, would we be able to make sense of it? Would it be “legible” to us? Would we “see” it? I guess there are a plenitude of things which are visible (sensible) to us without being seen (understood, framed, conceptualized, noticed)?

Grand narratives, be they scientific, religious, mythological or something else, frame the things we perceive in certain ways which make us see some aspects of the possible holistic experience. They shift our focus. Keeping that in mind, creativity can generate multitude of experiences of the same thing which is another way of saying that art generates meaning.

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