Zoe Sumner

If 95% is out of sight, how might our minds imagine that 95%? What does the mind construct so it can hold the theories and scientific concepts of what that 95% is? These questions drew me to the 95% project.

What we don’t know and what we can’t see can be, at the same time, fascinating, intriguing and frightening. The mind, left to its own devices, constructs imaginings. My art practice has always circled the themes of dreams and fears. I am interested in how the mind constructs imagined realities to fill the gaps of what we don’t know. Within my art practice I have used drawing, storytelling, performance and video to explore how people create imaginings and how these sit next to their realities.

I am both an Artist and an Assistant Head Teacher at a school in central London where I have worked to develop the art and literacy curriculums in the school. Last year I began an MA entitled Artist Teacher and Contemporary Practices at Goldsmiths University and I have completed a number of art projects with school pupils. I also work closely with the Tate Modern and I am part of the Teachers Consult group there.

I am passionate about art and education and I want to continue to develop both the art I do on my own and to develop a more collaborative approach. My most recent collaborative piece was produced with a group of 5 year old children. The project explored narrative structures and authorship. I was particularly interested in the artist’s role when working with groups.

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