Zoe Sumner Future Formulas

The piece explores how people plan, predict and envisage their individual future pathways.  Science and religion both explore the invisible external forces that might shape our realities and our futures.  How does an individual assimilate this information into their own individual plans for their future?

Using the idea of symbols, taken from both science and religion, the individual maps out their own secret pathway.  The mapping of the individual’s pathway was completed through a game.  During the game the individual had a set period of time to express through secret symbols their plans for the next stage of their life.  The journey/game was as in life punctuated with moments of contemplation and individual choices.

The piece presents the documentation of the game in a form that echoes mathematical and scientific formulas and structures.  In doing this the piece aims to take some of science’s more formal presentations of concepts and present them in a more personalised and playful way.


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